4 Best Browser for Mac OS 2017

By | March 12, 2017

Nowadays, We can not live without Internet so Internet plays a major role in our day today life. But the worst part in this is varying of speed in connection so we has to go with proper Browser because browser with good feature make our Internet connection hassle-free. In this article, we are going to share things about Best Web Browser for Mac OS.

Mac is one of the complicated operating system platform and gives a smooth user interface. So, to match the Mac’s expectations – lot of developers making high performance browser to give a better result. So, here we are sharing best and top browser for Mac that you need to install on your Mac.

Top mac browsers

Top 4 Best Browser for Mac

#1. Google Chrome

Chrome is a Google’s own browser that delivers high performance even if we are using multiple tabs, does not feel us lagging. This is the browser that deserves large number of users throughout the world and the speed of the browser is simply awesome, chrome does not failed to impress you in speed. Other than that, it brings tons of cool extensions in the Google Chrome store. Only drawback that I felt is battery draining (I could be solved in future updates).

Highlights of Google Chrome:

  • Familiar User Interface and simple to use.
  • Speed of the browser is impeccable.
  • Tons ans Tons of Extensions available on the market
  • Highly secured browser.
  • You can change different themes to your browser – Tons of themes available in the store.

#2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is yet another top-notch browser that available in the market. It delivers great performance and give you a very smooth interface overall. It is the best and old browser that still give a hassle-free performance to win the race against browsers’ competition. This browser also brings tons of Add-on’s to use your favorite software’s feature on your browser itself.

Features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Wide range of Add-on’s available to increase your productivity.
  • Smooth user interface
  • High performance
  • Tab Browsing options available.
  • Sports with Spell checker to enhance your language Quality.
  • Incognito browsing is available.
  • Quick in response.

#3. Safari Browser – Apple’s Own Browser

Safari Browser is one of the best browser for Mac and that is pre-installed in every mac computers which is stable and high performance in rating. This browser is especially made for Apple and gives you a hassle-free performance as well. The major things that we noticed about Safari browser is it does not eat battery and memory. It delivers a fluid performance and smooth user interface.

Features of Safari Browser:

  • Great performance and smooth user interface.
  • Battery consumption and memory consumption is low.
  • Hassle-free performance.

#4. Torch Browser

Torch is yet another mac OS X browser. It comes with a similar design to Google Chrome and speed in browsing. Major part of this browser is capable of downloading Torrent files without Torrent clients. It is also known as Google Chrome’s younger brother.

Highlights of Torch Browser:

  • It supported all Extensions that available in the Google Chrome Browser.
  • Incognito Window is available.
  • in-built Torrent downloader
  • Social bar is available to get social notifications.
  • smooth interface.
  • Numerous amount themes available for Torch browser.
  • fast, simple and secure browser for Mac.

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